By Nino & Rita

5 Nov 17, 2018

We love this product !

It's that time of the year again, Christmas lights hanging time ! But guess what, we never have to worry about ever again. What a great feeling that the lights are there to enjoy not only at Christmas but for every special occasion. Blue and white for Blue Jay games & Maple Leaf games, red, white and purple for Raptors games, orange for Halloween and so on, we have so much fun with them. We continuously receive many compliments on our lighting. My wife can customize and change the colours throughout the Holiday season, and no more strings of lights to store. The best part is that I'm not getting on a ladder in the cold weather to hang them and take them down every year. Donald's service has been great for us, during the wind storm last fall two lenses blew off and he replaced them promptly and upgraded our system at no charge. Thank you Donald, great product and extraordinary service !