By Marc Wistaff

5 Dec 3, 2022

Looks good

I would like to thanks Troy and his team for a great job of the permanent lighting. I love the way it lights up the house. The app is easy to use and there are lots of preset to choose from, also a color slide bar to choose from lots of colors. Marc Rockland
By Dan

5 Nov 29, 2022

Amazing product!

Just had our house installed with this lighting system, looks fantastic! This permanent all year lighting system is virtually invisible compared to other systems I have researched ,as well has more and brighter LED's. Installation was performed by experts and completed in 3 hours. App is easy to use, endless combinations! Thanks for a great job! Dan Orleans
By Nino & Rita

5 Nov 17, 2018

We love this product !

It's that time of the year again, Christmas lights hanging time ! But guess what, we never have to worry about ever again. What a great feeling that the lights are there to enjoy not only at Christmas but for every special occasion. Blue and white for Blue Jay games & Maple Leaf games, red, white and purple for Raptors games, orange for Halloween and so on, we have so much fun with them. We continuously receive many compliments on our lighting. My wife can customize and change the colours throughout the Holiday season, and no more strings of lights to store. The best part is that I'm not getting on a ladder in the cold weather to hang them and take them down every year. Donald's service has been great for us, during the wind storm last fall two lenses blew off and he replaced them promptly and upgraded our system at no charge. Thank you Donald, great product and extraordinary service !
By Joel M

5 Nov 7, 2018

Increase the value of your home!

After installing Ablaze Lighting's strip lights for my home, I was able to sell my house faster and for more than my neighbour with a similar size house. I was able to set a new higher price for my neighbourhood! Thanks Donald!
By Vickas Khanna

5 Oct 30, 2018

Amazing Customer Service!

We had Ablaze lighting installed on our home last year and absolutely love it! We basically find any excuse to turn it on :) So you can imagine my dismay when I attempted to turn on a brilliant orange color for Halloween this week and one of the strips failed to respond...I called Donald and was amazed at his concern and promptness in attending to the problem. He was at our home in no time flat, discovered that one of our wires had been chewed through by a squirrel and he changed out the damaged wire and within 30 minutes we were ablazed in a perfect pumpkin orange around the house in time to welcome the trick or treaters. We couldn't be happier with the LED product and Donald's service. I can't recommend Ablaze and Donald enough!
By Lisa Miller

5 Oct 22, 2018

Ablazing product!!

We had our Ablaze lighting installed on our house at the end of September, we absolutely love it! The colors are so vibrant and bright! Seeing it in real life is so much more than what you see in the pictures and videos! It gives a great sense of relief knowing we dont ever have to install Christmas lights ever again!! Looking forward to Halloween next week so we can turn on the lights to pumpkin orange! The best part of all this, is you can't even tell you have lights on your house. It blends right into the eavestrough, and no wires are seen! Thank you Donald for a great install! I Highly recommend this product! :)
By Joel Mandelbaum

5 Jan 27, 2018

Best Outdoor led Lighting Company in Toronto

When looking for the best outdoor lighting company in Toronto, Ablaze has the most unique solutions for any home or business. Donald's commitment to service, quality of products and completing the project when promised, really impressed us!. Now we can sell our home for more! We would highly recommend Ablaze Lighting when looking for outdoor LED lighting for your home or business.
By BigDipper

5 Sep 21, 2017
I have worked with Ablaze for just about a year now, and they have always shown the highest degree of professionalism. Every job we have worked on together has been quick, efficient, and they always leave the property in a clean state. I would definitely recommend Ablaze Lighting for any commercial or residential permanent LED solutions.
Reply by Ablaze Lighting Sep 21, 2017
Thank you Andrew for your support this past year!
By M.G.

5 Jun 23, 2017
Awesome LED Lights, definitely adds a stylish look to the exterior of your home and they can be kept on all year long. They aren't just for christmas!